Successful Partnership with BOEING

We are happy to be recognized by Boeing as a premium provider of detection and sensing components for the new Boeing 737 Max. The 737 MAX family of airplanes is designed by using the most advanced technology from nose to tail: new engins, new windlets, new fight deck displays and the passenger-preferred interior.

“Our French partners have played a leading technological role in the huge success of the 737 program” said Yves Galland, President of Boeing France. To get more information about this partnership with the French industry, read the full article at

With more than 50 years of presence in the aerospace market, Crouzet is a leading provider of custom-designed sensing solutions based on mechanical and electronic technologies.

Our large variety of limit switches (mechanical detectors) and proximity switches or proximity sensors (electronic detectors) are successfully used on the BOEING 737 MAX.

Through innovative design we deliver reliable components to the most severe aerospace environments. Applications include:

Detection and Sensing

  • Flight control functions
  • Landing gear
  • Doors and actuators
  • Cargo loading systems
  • Thrust Reverser Actuation Systems TRAS
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Crouzet certifications

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