Cockpit Controls

The detail that makes the difference

Crouzet, with best in class quality and logistical excellence, provides technically-advanced custom grips, control wheels, and pushbuttons for major programs worldwide. The performance speaks for itself and has resulted in both a solid commercial relationship and a mutual understanding with their global customer base.

Crouzet Cockpit Equipment


Extensive research at Crouzet has resulted in industrialized and manufactured control grips, pushbuttons, and many other accessories. Our heritage pushbutton designs include one pole, two pole, 2, 3, 4 and 5 direction trim switches, triggers, joysticks, and transducers. Additionally, Crouzet is able to develop buttons tailored specifically to any customer’s application.

By manufacturing its own switches, Crouzet offers its customers all the benefits of vertical integration : cost control, short lead time and proven dependable quality.

Control Wheels

For over many decades Crouzet’s expertise has been ensuring the highest level of quality of the man machine interface in the aircraft, which is an essential concern for the cockpit designers and final operators. From specifications to serial production, our experts in design, engineering, industrialization and quality stand ready to offer their knowledge and commitment to the success of your program.


With our strong heritage in both commercial and military markets and through our wide range of grip design, modular concept, and high level of finishing, we guarantee 100% of your customer needs will be satisfied. Our design approach will also increase your flexibility for any future customization changes.

The pleasure of being at the control

  • Crouzet Cockpit Equipment


    Our technical team, using 3D tools, designs and develops your wheel. A functional mockup, delivered in a few weeks, guarantees the success of your future programs.

    Tactile effect

    The quality of the finish on our control wheels makes them an universal reference.


    Based on aluminum castings or molded in plastic composite, our control wheels combine a large range of push buttons, trims, triggers or digital thumbsticks which fit naturally under your fingers.