Detection and Sensing

Crouzet Aerospace, a range of products adapted for detection around the world

Crouzet Aerospace is a market leader in custom-designed sensing solutions based on mechanical and electronic technologies. Our large variety of limit switches (mechanical detectors) and proximity switches or proximity sensors (electronic detectors) are successfully used on civil or military aircrafts and helicopter programs.

Crouzet Aerospace Detection and Sensing Applications

Through innovative design we deliver reliable components to the most severe aerospace environments. Applications include:

    • Flight control functions
    • Landing gear
    • Doors and actuators
    • Cargo loading systems
    • Thrust Reverser Actuation Systems TRAS

The new generation of proximity sensors

  • Crouzet Aerospace - new two parts generation sensor

    With this new "two parts sensors" generation, you feel the difference!

    • Contactless detection based on a passive sensor combined to a remote electronic board.
    • Based on our High Performance Module (HPM) developed according to DO254 DAL A.
    • One HPM can drive as many sensors as requested.
    • Product auto-calibrated (temperature, cable length, … compensation)
    • Rectangular or circular sensors available
    • Full hermetic stainless steal housing
    • Detection up to 8mm
    • Possibility of health-monitoring