Electrical Protection

GF-AFCB, a unique & innovative solution for advanced electrical protection.

Arc faults jeopardize the safe operation of the airplane. Our smart sensor,which combines arc fault & ground fault protection within one product, is compliant to AC25981 standard, requiring to minimize arcing in fuel pumps & wires adjacent to fuel tanks.


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Electrical protection components for your electrical network

Crouzet has been producing high performance aerospace components for over 60 years and has secured a leading role in product lines dedicated to aerospace applications. Crouzet offers electric protection components for your electrical network:

    • Electromechanical Circuit Breakers (CB) with multiple terminal options (frog legs, FASTON, EN, MIL…)
    • Single Solid-state Circuit Breakers (SSCB) (i.e. an electronic switch and a data BUS – thus a one channel SSPC)
    • Stand alone Power Distribution Units (SPDU) (i.e. a cluster of Single Solid State Switches = a SSPC)
    • Remote Control Circuit Breakers (RCCB) for protection of bus bars coming out of the primary distribution
    • Circuit Breaker Panels (CBP) and kits adapted to customer specifications
    • Arc fault and ground fault circuit breakers

All-in-one solution for most applications

  • Electrical Protection and Detection

    Using the most recent solid state technology, Crouzet has developed new generic Solid State Circuit Breakers (SSCB) combining a microcontroller and a switch. Clustered into a Stand alone Power Distribution Unit (SPDU), the SSCB replaces several LRUs, simplifies electrical distribution, reduces weight and maintenance costs. Two SPDUs are available, one for 28 VDC applications, the other for 115 VAC (360…800 Hz) applications.