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How to increase aircraft operational efficiency? If you need to replace a faulty push button, switch or trigger in the control grip or yoke, it will take only 5 minutes if you choose our innovative concept of grips & yokes with quickly replaceable buttons.

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How to detect ground faults & arcs in aircraft electrical wiring? By using our smart sensor compliant to AC25981, capable of tripping in just 15msec, you minimize arcing in fuel pumps & wires adjacent to fuel tanks.

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With over 60 years expertise in the aerospace & defense industry, we offer a comprehensive range of cockpit controls, electrical protection solutions & position sensors. Discover the typical applications where are produtcs deliver flawless performance to leading aircraft manufactures.

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Switches & Position Sensors

Crouzet Aerospace Detection and Sensing Catalog

Our standard & custom-designed switches & sensors based on mechanical & electronic technologies, detect position in a variety of harsh environment applications: landing gear, thrust reverser, flight controls & many other.

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Electrical Protection

Crouzet Aerospace Electrical Protection Catalog

Build an advanced electrical control equipment of your aircraft with our high-performance thermal circuit breakers, power distribution units or the lightest extractible circuit breaker panels in the world.

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Cockpit Controls

Crouzet Aerospace Cockpit Equipment Catalog

The quality of the man machine interface in the aircraft cockpit is a major concern to the aircraft designer and the pilot. Check out our range of control grips, yokes & sidestikcs & their accessories – pushbuttons, trim switches & triggers for both commercial and military aerospace markets.

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