Switches and Position Sensors

Standard & Custom-Designed Detection Solutions for Aircrafts

Crouzet is a market leader in sensing solutions based on mechanical & electronic technologies & provides a comprehensive offering of aircraft limit switches, proximity switches & proximity sensors.

Crouzet Detection and Sensing Applications  
Through innovative design we deliver reliable components to the most severe aerospace environments. Applications include:

    • Flight control functions
    • Landing gear
    • Doors and actuators
    • Cargo loading systems
    • Thrust Reverser Actuation Systems TRAS

The new generation of proximity sensors

  • Crouzet - new two parts generation sensor

    With this new “two parts sensors” generation, you feel the difference!

    • Contactless detection based on a passive sensor combined to a remote electronic board.
    • Based on our High Performance Module (HPM) developed according to DO254 DAL A.
    • One HPM can drive as many sensors as requested.
    • Product auto-calibrated (temperature, cable length, … compensation)
    • Rectangular or circular sensors available
    • Full hermetic stainless steal housing
    • Detection up to 8mm
    • Possibility of health-monitoring