Project Process

Solution for Design, Innovation and Industrialization

Crouzet puts in place a project team that provides you with a partnership of experts throughout all your program phases: drawing up the specification, feasibility, development, performance, testing, control of pre-production, optimization of logistical parameters, long-term support for the design and product tracking.

1. Project start up

After first contact, our business engineers will work with you to identify your goals and your constraints in order to draw up a product performance specification and to take in account the key factors of success for your projects.

2- Design office

With more than 50 years’ experience, we have mastered the necessary technologies for developing and industrializing a complete sensor offer and to customize products:

  • Mechanical (CAD-3D)
  • Magnetic
  • Electromechanical
  • Electronic (EMC, EMI)

3- Innovation

Based on their experience in a wide range of sectors, Crouzet’s design offices share common objectives:

  • Taking an innovative approach to market standards and the best technologies
  • Combining a number of technologies to create innovative concepts

4- Test laboratory

Our laboratories are equipped with facilities for testing all our products from design to production. Either with simulation or real-life tests (electrical, mechanical life and environmental withstand), our products are validated, tested and tracked throughout the project development process.

5- Production

Aerospace products require highly-tailored solutions for demanding applications. Our state-of-the-art production facilities certified to the highest quality standards, ensure that Crouzet products meet the level of performance that is needed in this critical environment.

6- Logistics

In order to meet the demands of the aeronautic industry, our logistics are based on industry approved practices:

  • Just-in-time processes
  • Partnerships with our suppliers

The Crouzet delivery platform also optimizes logistics through output and guarantees your lead times.

Technology meetings

Crouzet is constantly seeking to recognize technology trends at an early stage and to successfully convert them into new product innovations. We regularly organize technology meetings with our customers to share our knowledge and understanding of the future needs and research.