Lockheed Martin selects our GF-AFCB for its LM-100J

A unique & innovative solution for advanced electrical protection.

From simple accessories to a complete solution

The history of cooperation between Airbus Helicopters and Crouzet started 35 years ago.

Proud to contribute to Japanese Aircraft Industry

Crouzet was chosen as a supplier of the circuit breaker panel for the MRJ90, Mitsubishi Regional Jet.

The partner to get your program off the ground

Solutions for Detection, Electrical Protection and Distribution and Cockpit Equipment used in landing gear, actuators, electrical distribution, aircraft flight controls and helicopters.

Product lines

Crouzet Aerospace product line Detection and Sensing

Switches and Position Sensors

The new generation of proximity sensors

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Crouzet Aerospace product line Electrical Protection and Distribution

Electrical Protection

521g with 16 circuit breakers distributing 150 Amps

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Crouzet Aerospace product line Cockpit Equipment

Cockpit Controls

2000 grips or wheels per year. More than 200 electrical combinations

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Crouzet puts in place a project team
that provides you with a partnership of experts
throughout all your program phases.

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